Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chapter 4 - Mask

Before I start, I'd like to wish everyone that has passed the new year's timeline, and is currently in 2009. If you're not, don't worry, New Year's only to mark certain times for Historians' easy keeping. And also for science dudes to play with their astronomy about planets flying around the sun.


When you are born, you are given a face. That face shows your personality, and your characteristic. When you are a kid, you would have gotten a mask somehow, probably because of your parent's strictness and your friend's acceptance.
When you grow older, you'd have plenty of masks. Each for different events and functions, and as you return to the safety of your own room, you take it off and you show your face to the 4 walls that covers you.

No, I am not talking about masks as in the physical type of masks. I'm talking about a fake personality, the you that is not you.

Have you ever been to a place outside your home, and you feel that you are not yourself. You tend to put on masks to suit the environment, telling everyone;

"Hey, I'm this type of person. I'm strong, I'm funny, and I'm cool. I hate talking about non-ethical stuff and I don't think of you of any evil."

You put on a mask to show your parents you're loyal and obedient. You put on mask in front of your friends to show that you are strong, personality wise, and intelligent. You want to be accepted by the many friends that you hang around with.

Over the years, these masks that you put on regularly to gain favor of everyone around you, will eventually merge with your real face. Your fake personality will one day take over you and it will be your real face. Think plastic surgery.

Well, why are you so sure that your friends would like your mask more than your face? I believe that people would respect you more, if you don't hold back on showing your real self. If you have something to say aloud, say it. No one is holding you back, if people abandon you because of your real you, why would you even get around with them? Aren't they too just selfish people that think of themselves more than others?

You need to show people who you really are. And be proud of who you are, not who you want to be. It's like taking the personality of your friend, and overlaying it over your own. In the end, you are your friend. The things you do and the things you say represents him.

Humans would naturally strive for originality, something their own, something self made. You are you, you are original, it is what makes you, you. You don't exist here to be someone else. It's copyright, as a joke.

If you believe in resolutions, you could probably put this in mind for 2009.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chapter 3 - Miracles Of Reality

Humans are interesting creatures, are they not? Ever having the thought of "I must do this, I will make it happen!!" and you succeed in doing whatever you did? Or when you were pushed into a corner and suddenly your instincts and guts saved you?

I would consider these miracles. Miracles doesn't only happen when a supernatural being gets involved. You are able to create your own miracles and they shall be called Small Miracles from now on compared to the Big Miracles that supernatural beings come into involvement, but I will not speak about that.

The human body is capable to create it's own miracles. I'm no biology student, but I know that there is a core brain or something similar at the back of your head. This organ controls the flow of your body of which you are unable to control it. What's interesting about this is that, it can help you survive through a lot of troublesome events, be it life threatening or face threatening.

If you are caved in in a weird place that you know you won't be able to get out for a long time, your body will automatically decrease it's usual life sustaining consumption, so that you can live longer. If you're beaten up, or injured yourself at a dangerous rate, your body would no longer feel pain nor fatigue, and you can use that chance to get out of a pinch, though it won't last long as it also means your body is about to break apart.

This Small Miracle could also be related to the another special trait of the human being. It's called Will. You may have heard of it as "Will power". Incredibly, if you're able to control how much you put your will to wanting to do something, it will miraculously happen. Though if you're half-assed about it, meaning, having doubts, it's just crap.

At a desperate situation, humans' Will power increases tremendously to a level where they are able to control the core brain for a brief of a second or less, giving command to it to do whatever you need to survive.

Interestingly, it does not only happen to life threatening situations, it also happens on a daily occurrence. You're in an interview with the employer, and you seriously need that job, you will unconsciously be able to pull out the best dialogue of your life. Begging and pleading is not part of it.

I would say it is also logic to think that if someone else gets whatever you put your hard will power on, it means that they have a high percentage of needing whatever you're after with a much higher will compared to yours. That is why I mentioned, half-assed wills will never work.

Sometimes it would sound like, it's impossible to control those wills or the core brain, but with practice I believe you would be able to do super human feats (no, i don't mean flying or using some spectacular magical powers).

With that in mind, try to live your daily life with increased Will power at every single thing you do. Don't be half-assed about anything and as they say, live your life to the fullest as if today is your last day of your life or whatever you're doing would mean your life.

Go and create your own miracles.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Chapter 2 - Fear is not what it seems

Hi there, have you even been afraid of something? Why are you afraid of it? Why would you feel this fear? Do you know what fear is? Why'd you have it?

For the average human, fear happens occasionally. The basic fears are things, "things", and things that are happening. If you can't think of anything to be feared upon, let me spell out some examples.

1. A high speed moving vehicle is right in front of you heading to your direction.
2. You hear foot steps behind you in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, behind the back alley.
3. Cops around you looking for the jewel that you stole a few minutes ago.
4. Aliens in your backyard.
5. Robbers in your house ransacking while you're in bed.
6. The dark.

Let me first explain, that there are 2 types of fear. From the examples that I have said, are you able to categorize them into 2 categories?

Now, let me define the 2 types of fear; fear is something which you know what will happen later, that is called the physical fear and fear that you do not know what will happen later, which is the mental fear.

The physical fear grabs hold of the examples 1, 3, and 5, while the mental fear takes 2,4, and 6.

When you come across the physical fear, you know what will happen next and you don't want it. A car clashes with you, and you are sent flying with pieces of arms and legs floating around you. It hurts, you don't want this to happen, so you fear. The cops gets a hold of you because you stole a diamond that throws you into a national security prison full of thugs and other criminals, serving a few tens of years. A robber in your house finds you and you can roughly guess what he will do to you..... depending if you're a guy or a girl... if you're good looking or a pancake.

When you come across something that you really don't know what the heck will happen or is happening, that is the mental fear. Foot steps following you and as it gets closer and closer, you panic, thinking what the heck will happen to me? Who's following me? Is he human or supernatural?! or if you notice aliens in your backyard(though none of you that is reading this will have a backyard so just make it your back door) and you fear because you don't know what will come next. You just don't know... and finally the dark, where it is a place you can't see anything, nor hear anything. And your mind keeps bugging you about I'm going to see something, I'm going to feel something but I just don't know what...

After having said everything up there, basically, physical fear is something you have knowledge of what is going to happen and it's not good, and mental fear is where you have no knowledge of happenings. Both these sticks close to knowledge. Therefore you can assume that if you have knowledge, you will fear half less for physical fear and non at all for mental fear.

While it is hard to actually neutralize physical fear, there is a chance that you can totally nullify mental fear, which will not be easy.

The only option to neutralize physical fear is to keep calm and know what to do, thinking ahead of the safest possibilities that will occur.

Nullifying mental fear will be having knowledge of what will happen, and what are the possible results. While I may not have mastered nullifying mental fear, it is up to you to try to attempt it.

Let's start with footsteps. If it is human, it's common sense to go to a place bright lighten, and people or cars that passes through. If it is something supernatural, I'll leave it with the dark later.

If it is aliens, well.. that won't be happening anytime soon so you might wanna forget about this.

The dark, is where a majority of people tend to panic when in this situation. Honestly, if you don't believe in anything, there is nothing to be afraid of. Monsters will not appear, the boogey man below your bed will never appear, the closet monster is just another cloth in the closet.
The only thing people are afraid of is the supernatural in this type of condition. But let's think of it rationally and as open mindedly as possible, have you ever heard about your friend, read in the newspaper or saw supernatural beings kill people? Saw them in half, strangle them and their whole family, blasting them into little pieces of meet enough to make char siew pau?

If you did, then you are hallucinating. Why? Because it is a human being that actually kills and do whatever you think a supernatural being does. Those beings even if you believe they exist, will only scare you, scare the wits out of you, touch you, scream at you, push you around, slap you a bit, kiss you, hug you... and whatever else. If they are able to saw you in half, then it will be an everyday news in the newspaper where the title states "Mysterious event!! A person was blasted to pieces of meats in his own apartment!!"

If you know they will not be able to hurt you, why be afraid? The worse is that they take over your body... but when that happens, you won't even know it, why be afraid? Imagine this, you're sleeping on your bed, then suddenly an ugly face supernatural being screams at you in front of your face.. and keeps screaming and pushing you around for 1 whole month non stop while you're on the bed... Honestly, you might have gotten shocked for the first few seconds... It'll be boring later on.. He'll continue to scream while you're looking at him with a face "Are you done yet? I have work to do."
So the next time you're in a situation where you fear, just have the knowledge of what will be happening for the source of fear is lack of knowledge. And after all that, you will notice that fear is not a factor for you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chapter 1 - Open your eyes to the people around you

A new blog for myself, and this time I'm not writing about myself. It'll be about things that are happening around me from the psycological aspect/view. What you see and hear around you, may not be what it seems because there are hidden truths that people had kept in the corner for a very, very long time.

Some of my posts might already be common sense in your head, but even if it's something you know, you might not have thought of it.

Without further ado, let's begin.

Chapter 1 - Open your eyes to the people around you

Now that I've been to the working world, it didn't take long for me to discover what is actually happening to majority of the people that are in the industry. You would remember the innocent world and people you once knew, when they say something, they mean it, because they loved it.

They have ambitions, dreams, hobbies... And then as time passes, they start to realize they have to change to be accepted/to have a "future", so they took a first step into the fake world. This fake world I'm talking about is as I named it, fake, and lies. While they might not be lying to other people, they are indeed lying to themselves.

Some of you who are reading this might find this similar to you. These people, drops their hobbies, their memories, their interest to get accepted by things like money, position, ranks, etc. Here's a sample dialogue.

"I let go of my hobbies because I now know I have a future that I want and it'll be my only concentration in life."
"I didn't like what I was doing at first, but when I know this field is good in money making, I immediately fell in love with it."

They are not lying to us. But they are lying to themselves. It might be possible after a few years, but it is definitely impossible for a person to change in the shortest amount of time ever. And to do it, you have to be one of the craziest people in the world. My college principal might be an example. He locks himself in his room for 1 whole week to do his hobby and just his hobby.

Don't give me craps like, I like this, so I'm throwing everything else. One of those people told me what they said at the second sentence I mentioned and now he's stuck in between reality and the fake world and he's having trouble wanting to be accepted by the community that loves money
and the real world of himself.

There are people that will influence you with their motivational talks about money, positions, and bright future. You'll force yourself to live that way, and don't even know it.

I do not believe that if I bring along my interest and hobbies, I won't be able to climb up and earn cash. It's all about time management, and if you really planned out your future efficiently.

In the working industry, you have two choices. It's still up to you.

1. Be who you are, do what you like, and rush for the top.
2. Be someone else, do what he likes, and rush for the top.

Next chapter - Fear is not what it seems